scarves for sale and finishing up paintings

pocket helping out as i sewed the fabric clothes onto this painting

 a tiny bird embroidery i did. its about 1.5" tall. 
he will be part of one of the paintings i am finishing up.
full pictures coming in the next few days!

pretty ranunculus flowers i got, as well as some roses, for painting reference. 
these lasted a lot longer than the roses.

said roses, painted. i might still add some dimensional elements, as i just found out i have more time than i thought on these. yay!

more experiments in dyeing. i really liked how these turned out.

 the moon scarf. for sale if interested, let me know! hand dyed 100% habotai silk, 30" x 30"! $45!

the pattern scarf. hand painted and dyed. really bright and pretty, with subtle herringbone pattern as well as dappled patches of color, it is a little bit more green than these photos show. i should have ironed it for this photo..that one corner is weird. also for sale, and 100% habotai silk, 30" x 30", $45! 


... this one isn't for sale, i just want to make you jealous. i have been wearing it every day this week, it seems. but i am going to do more of these! this one is giant (45" square i think) and hard to photograph because its so big.
 the original sienna color (the negative space) was dyed with wild walnut shells,
 and then i did some tie-dyeing with black and wine red dyes.i really like all the weird mottled colors and mysterious shapes. success!

finally, there are only 3 more days to sign up for my workshop, Creating Homemade Terrariums for Earth Day

I need four or more participants for it to happen, and it will be really funnnn!!! get your hands dirty and come home with something green, that is really hard to kill! 

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