in the midst

 so i'm in the process of starting and sketching some new pieces, i thought i'd show a little taste of what that looks like
 these are a few of a series of "cameos" that i'm working on, 
i have a number of these little wooden plaques, hopefully i can finish all of them:
and here is one with the first coat of paint...she's not quite so wall-eyed anymore..

and here are some sketches and my little list of inspirational ideas, quotes and random phrases, typed on my mother's teal typewriter. things are more important and sincere when you type them on a typewriter, right?


ok, now...back to thinking and planning!


sketches, sculptures, teasers and a paartridge in a pear treeeee

so! here are some things i've made recently and 
some things ive been working on that aren't quite finished:
 the above and below photos are of my sculpture i'm working on in my class at Santa Monica College- which has been super helpful, the teacher, David Simon, knows everything about anatomy. 
the "before"s were all taken at the beginning of the 3rd session of this pose (i wish i had pictures from the beginning, but i didn't think of it at the time, garsh darnit) The "afters" are 5 hours later.. i still have two more 5-hour sessions to work on this sculpture. phew. she'll get some boobs by then, most likely.
 next up, a partridge puppet that i made for BoomKat Dance Theatre's holiday show, "Stations", which is showing in Santa Monica at the Miles Memorial Playhouse! The show runs Nov. 26th to Dec. 30th- go see it! these guys put on some amazing shows, with impressive dancing, singing and general magnificence. More info HERE

(fun fact: the partridge poops repeatedly on someone in the show.)
(which is why he's got that evil look in his eye.)


also, last night i randomly went to a sketch night at Gnoman School in Hollywood, where my good buddy Alyssa is taking classes- they had a number of steampunky babes lounging about for the drawing pleasure of a good crowd! and free soda. these two factors mean i'm going back again as soon as possible.
  the event was put on by them Gallery Girls, who bring the lovely all around LA.
ps: thanks to alyssa for letting me borrow her pencils.
and, finally, a little teaser of a new piece i'm working on for an upcoming show 
at WWA gallery in Culver City...

super long post! bam!


Puppet Video

so, as promised, here is my silly little video, featuring the acting genius of Ken Flewellyn, and the puppeteering genius of Zach Schoenbaum. They also wrote the dialogue. I made the puppet, filmed and edited the video. This was my first time using actors, and I spent too much time getting outtakes (which-DAMN! i forgot to include...i'll figure that out somehow.) and ran out of room on the camera's card. so...i made it work, i guess. rambletown. enjoy!


and here is the video link!


La Luz de Jesus 25th Anniversary show opening!

Hello! No big plans tonight? go check out La Luz de Jesus's 25th Anniversary Show! I went last night, its a great show! Here's a shot of my contribution, "Lunacy", hanging next to the great Shawn Barber's portrait of Billy Shire, how exciting!

Also, my piece is part of the book they created for the show (which is why I made this piece almost a year ago and it is only showing now!), here is the blurb:

"The book, La Luz de Jesus 25: The Little Gallery That Could, features images of all the art in the show, a personal anecdote about Shire and the gallery written by each artist, essays by La Luz gallery directors and a foreword by Shire. The book is much more than a simple record of this remarkable exhibition. Together, the images and essays present a history of La Luz de Jesus through the eyes of the artists whose careers are intertwined with Shire and his gallery. "

The show will be up November 4th- 27th, the opening reception is Nov.4th and 5th, 8-11 pm!

ps my piece is still up for sale! it lights up! the moon changes phases! buy it?