Puppets and Hashfanzine


So I have made a new puppet. He is a therapist. There will be a video by the end of the week. Also, some halloween goodness will be coming up soon!

aaand you should download this awesome Italian magazine, which, if you read Italian, has an interview with little old me! and, if you don't read Italian, the magazine is full of lovely design and amazing art! Download it here: http://www.hashfanzine.org/2011/10/hashfanzine-n-03.html


my first video

here is a little video i made for a class i am taking. we had to shoot a product, so i chose one that i use all the time - Winsor & Newton gouache. The video is nothing special, it is my first attempt at anything like this! also you should mute it if you watch it....the sound is just background noises that I forgot to take out, woops!



Hey so this is a little article about Homeroom gallery's show, 
which my piece "Hours" is in on Fecal Face! woohoo! 
Check it out, Go to the show, its up until Dec. 9th, 


A Long Walk Home

Here are some full shots of my piece for the Busted Art Auction, which is still up until 10.11.11! 
Get it before the bidding ends, HERE!