studio and oil paintings!

so Zach and I have been cleaning/rearranging his garage for the past few weeks and now it is all ready, set up, and lovely and we started painting!

Here are some shots of the paintings I'm working on for my upcoming June 4th, four person show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery (with the lovely Cooper). It's amazing to have the space to do big paintings, as well as the ventilation to do oils! yay!


Glass, Cinder and Thorns Review!

Go Here to see the review on Art Slant of the show I was part of at 323 East in Michigan!


Glass, Cinder and Thorns Opening!

Saturday was the opening of the all-women show Glass, Cinder and Thorns at 323 East Gallery in Michigan! I wasn't able to attend, but here are the pieces I submitted. It was very scary to mail them all the way to Michigan, but they survived!

These pieces were based loosely around the story of Little Red Riding Hood, as the show was centered around new interpretations of fairy tales.

"The Hunter"
mixed media in 8"x 10" shadowbox

"Following the Pack"
mixed media in 12" x 22" shadow box

detail from "following the pack"

"the Hood Sisters"
ink, gouache and pencil on paper
14" x 11"


buzz buzz

here are some things I've been working on, some for others and some for myself:

Zach gave me this chair, for a play called The Rainbow Room, which I am doing the set design for.Its a lovely chair that had some not so lovely green ripped fabric, so I recovered it, as well as its twin.

pocket helped a lot.

and here we have a continuation of my reupholstering kick, but this is a project I've been meaning to do for years, since my good friend's mom gave me this little footstool. it looks much classier now, yes?

the insides were interesting...hay and burlap. I think this is a real old footstool.

ta da!

and here are some "scales" that will soon adorn a puppet, Trinkulous, I am making for Starmites- an Intergalactic Comic Book Musical.
fun fun fun

and here is a look at my giant (about 4' across) dream catcher/chandelier I am making for the show at La Luz in June with my buddy Cooper!

finally, here is the painting I sold (yay!) at La Luz de Jesus' group show last friday!

that's all for now, back to puppet surgery.


Remember Remember!

Tomorrow night, Friday the 5th, is the opening shindig at La Luz de Jesus Gallery for their giant "Everything But the Kitsch N' Sync" show, which myself and some of my lovely friends, teachers, and other amazing artists are part of! Hope you can make it! It's always a party!
more info here!
and here's a snippet of the painting that accompanies
the sculptural piece I posted about