Glass, Cinder and Thorns Opening!

Saturday was the opening of the all-women show Glass, Cinder and Thorns at 323 East Gallery in Michigan! I wasn't able to attend, but here are the pieces I submitted. It was very scary to mail them all the way to Michigan, but they survived!

These pieces were based loosely around the story of Little Red Riding Hood, as the show was centered around new interpretations of fairy tales.

"The Hunter"
mixed media in 8"x 10" shadowbox

"Following the Pack"
mixed media in 12" x 22" shadow box

detail from "following the pack"

"the Hood Sisters"
ink, gouache and pencil on paper
14" x 11"


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Absolutely beautiful! I feel so lucky for having been able to see these in person as they were in progress. The wolves... my god... so cool.

yigi chang said...

these are so amazing, just wounderful