A few more sculptures

 So I've gotten a few more pieces sculpted and assembled, here are some peeks. Above is the beginning of the assembling process, which is the point in time when I wish I had a giant desk, and/or was more organized whilst making things.

 Here's it put together- complete with gold leaf, wire ribs and little flowers. 
Still working on titles, but it is loosely inspired by Nina Simone's "Feeling Good."

 Above, another peek at a piece I showed the makings of in an earlier post
This one has little golden fish swimming through murky depths.

Aaand because I am a burgeoning crazy cat lady, here is Pocket in the sunshine on my bed, relaxing more than anyone's ever relaxed before. Look at that belly. Just look at it. 

The upcoming week will be a week of wolves and arrows and as much Halloween-related activities as humanly possible. 

the end
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more progress on the new pieces i'm working on
 for my February show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery:
 this is how i get fabric to "fall" correctly: since most fabric doesn't act the same way when it is cut small as when it is a bigger piece, there is lots of pinning, gluing and dousing with "StiffenQuik", which...stiffens the fabric, so it keeps the shape you convince it to take. i think i will add a piece of fabric at the back to create more drama and more of a floating illusion.

 next up for hair and background, above.

ever feel like you're being watched? i do. 

the end
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Back to Work

So, there has been a bit of silence on my part, mostly due to the fact that apparently its super difficult to get internet at my new place. Lots of waiting and appointments and new cables later, I finally can give a peek at what I've been up to! So, here goes.

Well, first of all, as mentioned before, I moved! Pocket, above, as always so helpful. 

Then I had a marvelous short trip to Austin, Texas, with some dear friends, for another dear friend's wedding! Above, Danielle, me and Julian, being super cool.

We went to Barton Springs, which was cold and refreshing and had fishes and green things growing at the bottom.

 Waiting on the bridge for thousands of bats to come swarming out at dusk. So cool!

Dipping feet in Lake Travis with the blushing bride, Mylan! Congratulations to her and Taro!

The Lake at sunset, after which there were sparklers and dancing and toasts and lots of bubbles. 

 And also I have finally gotten going on some sculptures for my next series. Above, a really rough sculpt- look Ma, no hands!

 Still needs lots of details, hair, and costume, and to be attached to the background.

 I think my tools look pretty on my new desk. Or, should I say *some* of my tools. 

 The plans. I have a few blank spaces, but mostly know everything I have to do for this show...its a lot.

 and some peeks of finished drawings!

And finally, the chaos that is my desk right now.
The End