puppet show!

Hello dear friends! Here are some better pictures of the puppets and costume I made for the upcoming NeverWonderLand!
It's going to be an amazing show! I also made the props and some scenic elements.
My dear roommate Danielle did the lovely poster design, as well as helping me make things!
You can buy tickets here, it opens Saturday the 24th and runs through August 22nd.

the cheshire cat - his teeth glow when he smiles, as is common with cheshire cats.

dinah, alice's darling siamese kitten:
and finally, the hood that Princes Tigerlily wears. She's a badass.

come see the show!



here is a lame picture of me in the Tiger Lilly costume/hood I made.
I thoroughly enjoyed painting stripes on. Also growling occasionally.
I will be taking better pictures, as well as eventually having pictures from it being worn in NeverWonderLand which opens at the end of the month!


Yart Sale!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 3rd) my lovely roommates and I are having a garage/moving/art sale
I will have for sale many many old pieces of art
like these:

as well as random things.
like a piggy bank and a cowboy robe.
you should come buy them. they will be cheap.

we'll be there, probably drinking.....

8 am to 3 pm
6622 west 86th place
los angeles, california, 90045

(i can give out my address because we're moving and YoU'll NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE)
(also most of you who read this already know where i live.)