the collection

this piece was constructed from an old display case thing i have had since i was little.
the oil painting is sunk into the boxes (thanks woodshop guys!) so that it is flush with the rest.
the birds and various other bits are made with sculpey.
there is everything from lace and buttons to knobs and jewels in the boxes.

approximately 23" x 26"

the poem reads:
chloe keeps her best things
in neat, fancy rows.

but it's hard to find friends
who don't mind the crows.

the birds are perched on driftwood collected at the beach by my lovely mother.

and finally, buttons!


sculpey, acrylic paint, lace, cloth, doll hair and a feather, seated on driftwood.
about 10" x 7"

i took a shirt from a little doll. her eyes are glass beads.

tiny fingers, with wire inside.


oil paint, sculpey, resin, cloth, bits and pieces of other things on multiple pieces of wood
in a handmade frame
16" x 13"

detail - one hand is sculpey, the other is painted inside the "mirror".

here you can see the weird angles that happen from the side-
the perspective only works from straight on

lone crow

another shot of the single crow. this was the first one i made.
it is made of sculpey, wire, and a piece of wood.
7" x 10"

i probably should retake this photo...i don't really like it.

father awaiting his lost children

a semi-three dimensional painting.
oil paint, wood window frame, resin, sculpey cup, antique pocket watch (that still ticks!) on two pieces of wood.
21" x 13"


this marionette is made with sculpey for her face, neck, hands and feet, with a foam and cloth body.
everything is hand-sewn and she has full movement. her eyes open and close, too!
approximately 32" tall.
she sits on a swing that hangs from a bit of driftwood, as seen here:

(no strings attached, currently.)

little paintings

gouache and ink on paper bag
8" x 10"

siblings detail

adventure in the fog
acrylic and ink on illustration board in a handmade frame
4.75" x 4.5"

gouache and ink on illustration board.
4.75" x 6.25"

they just wanted a tea party after all
gouache, acrylic and ink on paper
6.75" x 6.75"


harry perry!

made with roma plastilina
harry perry is that guy on venice boardwalk that rides on rollerblades and plays electric guitar in a turban and visor.
nearly lifesized.


made with sculpey, fabric, and oil paint on wood.
about 25" x 16"


five headed woman

made with sculpey, lace, beads, metal bits, chain, a transistor and some doll hair. about 24" tall.
this is for sale!