old lady status

sooo i made a quilt.
i am an old lady.
i am really pleased with it, i didn't think it would turn out as satisfyingly quilty as it did.
i used a lot of old tshirts and bits of fabric that i have loved or were given to me by those that i love.

also, pocket looooves it. she blends in sort of, for she too is patchwork.

Red Engine

the lovely people at Red Engine Studios put some of my classwork in the "Student Gallery" section of their website, woohoo!
If anyone is looking to take some amazing entertainment-related and traditional classes, its the place to go!
Also here is my last painting from that class, as well as my finished Prince portrait!

he will make sweet, sweet love to you with his eyes. watch out.


hours and hours

way after the fact, here is my piece , "Hours" from the Upper 600s show a few weekends ago.it is reversible, like an hourglass.

for purchasing inquires, please send me an email!

also this is my little experiment in banners. i still have lots to work out.
i'm going to sell these two for cheap, since they are my first attempt, if anyone is interested.
they have bamboo at the top, strung with embroidery thread for hanging. they are backed with white fancy fabric. the "now what?" is hand stitched onto the velvet and cotton.
please email me if you are interested in purchasing one! or both!

cats n paintings n ideas

it was real warm today and pocket decided she LOVES the little fan i had going.
look at that face of bliss!

a portrait of prince that i am working on. still need to do more...i'll be done by the end of the week, as this is my last week of classes at Red Engine Studios! wah! : ( it went by so quickly...

(pocket also loves the pincushion. i intervened before she ate any pins.)

well i made another dreamcatcher, this one is more normal so far.
not sure what to do with it now.

we got to paint sarah last saturday, which is always fun. i wish the face turned out better...

i'm trying to improve my sewing skills. i have ideas but they never turn out nice enough. also i think i tend to try to use the wrong materials because i think they will work, or at least i pretend they will, when really i should be using something more suited to the project.

what project, you ask?
below is my first attempt.
i'll get better. im still not really sure what im doing. so i won't tell you yet.

and finally some random drawing, because its too hot for shirts.