hours and hours

way after the fact, here is my piece , "Hours" from the Upper 600s show a few weekends ago.it is reversible, like an hourglass.

for purchasing inquires, please send me an email!

also this is my little experiment in banners. i still have lots to work out.
i'm going to sell these two for cheap, since they are my first attempt, if anyone is interested.
they have bamboo at the top, strung with embroidery thread for hanging. they are backed with white fancy fabric. the "now what?" is hand stitched onto the velvet and cotton.
please email me if you are interested in purchasing one! or both!


Julienne Mei said...

so creepy and beautiful!

dalva said...

thank you!

Sean Luhring said...


dalva said...


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Soooooo gorgeous and creepy. And sexy. All my favorite adjectives!