voyage pieces

i forgot i never put up full scans of these ink/gouache drawings i did for cecil's "voyage" show a few weeks ago
sooo here they are!



here's the full view and more detail shots of the piece i had at Alchemy Archives- which sold! Yay! It's on a plane with its new owners, on their way to new mexico!


Alchemy Archives Tonight!

i just got back from the last minute madness going on at 695 Santa Clara Ave- it looks AMAZiNG! ya'll should go. 7 to midnight. $5 to get in (gets you a drink, too!) do it! also, Cosio was practicing and i have never heard spoons + water goblets sound so good!


New Excitement!

So I didn't find out until right before, but work I had in La Luz de Jesus was part of the Beyond Eden show at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park last weekend! It was an amazing show-it was so exciting to have stuff in the same room as some of my favorite artists! I took some pictures, in case you missed it!
Also, here's another snapshot of part of my piece for the Alchemy Archives show, on the 24th:
Also, some friends and I went to the LA Opera costume sale on Saturday-the line was long but the bag o' fabric that I got was well worth the wait. The costumes that we saw people walking away with were amazing! Next time, we're going early. Way early. Here are some snippets:

It was a busy weekend.


lamp kitten

okay so this has nothing to do with art or anything, but my kitten, Pocket, got scratched in the eye by another crazy cat and has become a sleepy lamp-style kitten. pooor baby! so sad and cute at the same time...she runs into things a lot. can't fit into bags. she'll be okay. she's a pirate. that is all.