Preparing for Adventures

Adventure Time!

so i have been making lots of little things for my upcoming European adventure with the lovely Danielle Buerli! Mostly bags, because they are fun and easy, but also a hand-bound notebook and a hat I salvaged from a worn out sweater.

 also, I am a dork and drew all the stuff I am bringing.
 I think I whittled it down a bit, but it all surprisingly
fits in a rolley bag and a little backpack. here ya go:

*mostly art supplies, not to scale or anything tricky like that -
click on any picture to see it super-sized!
 *to this I added a poncho. i am super cool. and rainproof.

 i leave for the airport tonight at 4 am, and then we are going to see Switzerland, France, Spain, more France, Amsterdam, and Brussels, and I am going to draw everything. Hopefully I'll be able to update the ol' blorg as I go along, but if not, there will be a plethora of drawings of old buildings and gardens and croissants when I return!

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hong kong bound!

so i have finished my pieces that will soon be sent off to Hong Kong! So exciting. Click on the photos to view larger..

three little birds, two of which will hang from a fancy birdcage (which will be bought in Hong Kong, so I won't have pictures of it until the event happens in June)

 ahh i love this stupid face the standing one is making. derp.

here are some detail pictures of the larger sculpture,
the figure, above, is surrounded by tiny cute little fat birdies everywhere.
and mushrooms. these are less than an inch tall..

and, here are some details from the two paintings:

 i will have more full photos of the paintings and sculpture closer to the opening, which will be in June. If you happen to be in Hong Kong in June, stay tuned for location and more information!
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scarves for sale and finishing up paintings

pocket helping out as i sewed the fabric clothes onto this painting

 a tiny bird embroidery i did. its about 1.5" tall. 
he will be part of one of the paintings i am finishing up.
full pictures coming in the next few days!

pretty ranunculus flowers i got, as well as some roses, for painting reference. 
these lasted a lot longer than the roses.

said roses, painted. i might still add some dimensional elements, as i just found out i have more time than i thought on these. yay!

more experiments in dyeing. i really liked how these turned out.

 the moon scarf. for sale if interested, let me know! hand dyed 100% habotai silk, 30" x 30"! $45!

the pattern scarf. hand painted and dyed. really bright and pretty, with subtle herringbone pattern as well as dappled patches of color, it is a little bit more green than these photos show. i should have ironed it for this photo..that one corner is weird. also for sale, and 100% habotai silk, 30" x 30", $45! 


... this one isn't for sale, i just want to make you jealous. i have been wearing it every day this week, it seems. but i am going to do more of these! this one is giant (45" square i think) and hard to photograph because its so big.
 the original sienna color (the negative space) was dyed with wild walnut shells,
 and then i did some tie-dyeing with black and wine red dyes.i really like all the weird mottled colors and mysterious shapes. success!

finally, there are only 3 more days to sign up for my workshop, Creating Homemade Terrariums for Earth Day

I need four or more participants for it to happen, and it will be really funnnn!!! get your hands dirty and come home with something green, that is really hard to kill! 

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Upcoming Events and Giving in

 so! looking for something to do this upcoming Earth Day (Sunday, April 22nd) ? I thought so! Come to my Lifecrowd* Session in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles! 

*lifecrowd is basically facebook/a social media site for people who want to get out of their houses and do things with other humans in their town! they have all sorts of activities, everything from fancy grilled cheese making to dodgeball!

I will be bringing piles of dirt, stones, succulent plants and cacti, miscellaneous vessels, trinkets, and refreshments, all you have to do is sign up! $30 gets you a mini terrarium to take home, a reference guide and a fun evening! Bring a friend for free! Yay!

in other news, i made a tumblr. we'll see what happens.

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desert time, 5 hour paintings and aimless projects

 last weekend i went with some friends to Joshua Tree National Park. it was amazing. and super windy and freezing at night. we camped at Jumbo Rocks and there were...lots of jumbo rocks!

 these pictures are from Hidden Valley, where people hid stolen cattle back in the day.

 last night i painted the lovely Maude. this was a five hour session at Korpus School of Art, and it was lots of fun. it was a lot smaller painting than i usually do at these (9" x 12"), but i think it worked out okay.

 also a duplicate picture because pocket was investigating, and that's why you don't put wet oil paintings on the floor to photograph them!


and then i made some pouches and a brush holder for my makeup brushes, 
cause i have lots of cool fabric and should use it for something, right?

 aaand some drawings from a short figure drawing session this week.

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