Preparing for Adventures

Adventure Time!

so i have been making lots of little things for my upcoming European adventure with the lovely Danielle Buerli! Mostly bags, because they are fun and easy, but also a hand-bound notebook and a hat I salvaged from a worn out sweater.

 also, I am a dork and drew all the stuff I am bringing.
 I think I whittled it down a bit, but it all surprisingly
fits in a rolley bag and a little backpack. here ya go:

*mostly art supplies, not to scale or anything tricky like that -
click on any picture to see it super-sized!
 *to this I added a poncho. i am super cool. and rainproof.

 i leave for the airport tonight at 4 am, and then we are going to see Switzerland, France, Spain, more France, Amsterdam, and Brussels, and I am going to draw everything. Hopefully I'll be able to update the ol' blorg as I go along, but if not, there will be a plethora of drawings of old buildings and gardens and croissants when I return!

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