desert time, 5 hour paintings and aimless projects

 last weekend i went with some friends to Joshua Tree National Park. it was amazing. and super windy and freezing at night. we camped at Jumbo Rocks and there were...lots of jumbo rocks!

 these pictures are from Hidden Valley, where people hid stolen cattle back in the day.

 last night i painted the lovely Maude. this was a five hour session at Korpus School of Art, and it was lots of fun. it was a lot smaller painting than i usually do at these (9" x 12"), but i think it worked out okay.

 also a duplicate picture because pocket was investigating, and that's why you don't put wet oil paintings on the floor to photograph them!


and then i made some pouches and a brush holder for my makeup brushes, 
cause i have lots of cool fabric and should use it for something, right?

 aaand some drawings from a short figure drawing session this week.

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