here is the finished little dream catcher.
it has lots of pretty things hanging from it, some crystal beads, feathers and whatnot.

it is for sale, if anyone wants to buy it! $45 ! email me if you are interested!



so here are some things. this little tea sprite I made a long time ago but never took photos of it finished- i poured resin for tea, which was dyed green with ink and a little silver ink to give it sparkle! her hair is actually made from tea bags. i drink a lot of tea.

this is a work in progress- i am making a small (7" diameter) dream catcher. mostly because i need something to keep me busy. maybe ill go into mass-production.

here are some shots from the amazing Terra Obscura show put on by the Upper600s! A lot of people put a lot of work into this show, and it showed! my old dream catcher/ chandelier was hung over the band, which was fun! i managed to not take any pictures of my piece, duh. i'll show it to you when i get it back.

this was the garage room, which was really amazing! blacklights and string, turned out even better than i imagined! you can see my piece in the foreground there.

and finally, another life study. kind of a weird photo...
anyway...yeah. someone want to offer me a job? commissions? anything?


work in progression

hello! i am taking a break from working on this piece to show you all whats goin' on here.... my piece (still unfinished! AHH no time!) for an AMAZING show that will be up for this Saturday ONLY! In case you didn't already know about it - Terra Obscura- put on by the Upper 600s and featuring a heap of amazing artists! go to it!

this is sort of a reversible piece- it can go upside down, well..there is no right side.
its supposed to be reminiscent of a hourglass, or just the reversibility of things.

here's how its looking now, i'm not sure i love the paint job yet...we'll see how it evolves.

this is the frame/stand that the figures will go in. i cut wooden triangles for the bases.

aaand finally, this is a 3-hour figure study i did on Saturday.