work in progression

hello! i am taking a break from working on this piece to show you all whats goin' on here.... my piece (still unfinished! AHH no time!) for an AMAZING show that will be up for this Saturday ONLY! In case you didn't already know about it - Terra Obscura- put on by the Upper 600s and featuring a heap of amazing artists! go to it!

this is sort of a reversible piece- it can go upside down, well..there is no right side.
its supposed to be reminiscent of a hourglass, or just the reversibility of things.

here's how its looking now, i'm not sure i love the paint job yet...we'll see how it evolves.

this is the frame/stand that the figures will go in. i cut wooden triangles for the bases.

aaand finally, this is a 3-hour figure study i did on Saturday.


Danielle Buerli said...

Super Cool! I am so excited to see if finished

Blood Milk said...

i love the hourglass idea, can't wait to see it finished!