here's my little painting for the "Happiness" show in Phoenix at the Perihelion Gallery, which is part of the big 22nd annual Art Detour art walk. sooo if you happen to be in Phoenix on March 5th, go take a stroll and see some pretty things!
(gouache, ink and pencil on paper- about 8" x 10")

p.s. thanks bob dob!


Valentines Day Bitter/Sweet Show

Sooooo i totally forgot to put this up before it happened, but i had these two pieces at Vlad the Retailer on melrose as part of the Girls Drawing Girls valentines day show, "Bitter/Sweet" last night! both are gouache, ink and pencil on paper, framed for $100 each.

~~~~if you want to purchase one (or both, they are a set!) of these pieces, go HERE! there's lots of other good stuff to look at!~~~~


oh so many things

so these are a few examples of what ive been working on, ive been going in what seems like 50 different directions lately.

puppets, which have been a challenge but lots of fun- im excited to start adding features to the banshees
(right now just the under-foam is showing, they will be purple like their arms)

pocket helps me lots, she is very critical.

but sometimes she gets too involved:

this is me (very late at night...excuse my face) with a sample "bear" puppet-
which everyone so far has thought was a cat... that i made to start figuring out eyes and such.

i think i should just say its a cat. its just a generic puppet, i guess.

hands in progress:

also i have been working on a few things for an upcoming show at 323 East in
its got babes, snow, and red wolves with real (hand-dyed rabbit) fur.

also i got a email today to say that the piece in the last post will be part of the La Luz de Jesus show! woo!