oh so many things

so these are a few examples of what ive been working on, ive been going in what seems like 50 different directions lately.

puppets, which have been a challenge but lots of fun- im excited to start adding features to the banshees
(right now just the under-foam is showing, they will be purple like their arms)

pocket helps me lots, she is very critical.

but sometimes she gets too involved:

this is me (very late at night...excuse my face) with a sample "bear" puppet-
which everyone so far has thought was a cat... that i made to start figuring out eyes and such.

i think i should just say its a cat. its just a generic puppet, i guess.

hands in progress:

also i have been working on a few things for an upcoming show at 323 East in
its got babes, snow, and red wolves with real (hand-dyed rabbit) fur.

also i got a email today to say that the piece in the last post will be part of the La Luz de Jesus show! woo!


J. A. W. Cooper said...

I love the wolves, so super stylish!

yigi chang said...

you have such great stuff here!

Stephanie said...

Ohhh! pocket!