recent exploits

here are some sketches/little paintings/drawings i've done recently.

sketches for neverwonderland tiger lily costume/hood thing. i started building this today:

some sketchbook pages:

and a little painting on illustration board. i forgot how much i like illustration board!


new things!

i've started up working on props and puppets for BoomKat's production of NeverWonderland, which I had worked on in the early stages, but now is back in action. anyway, here are some shots of the cheshire cat's mouth/head- he's gon' glow!

30 LEDs through holes in his mouf. this is bright. real bright.

little cones of poly foam make perfect little fangs

and in his (in progress) head!
he's gonna have crazy glass eyes. alligator eyes.

pocket saw her first squirrel today.
and reeally wanted to eat him.

oh and you can see the partially made pelt of the cheshire cat (that purple and red stuff) behind her!

also- thank you to everyone who came out to the La Luz show!

If you missed it, you can still go and see it (it will be up until the end of the month, or check it out here!)