wintertime thingies

helloo friends!
here are some process shots from my "tea sprite" piece for Cecil Kim's Forgotten Creature show
at his restaurant, Liliya, in downtown Los Angeles.
The show opens this Saturday, the 11th and features a boatload of my very talented buddies!
Come, eat, and be merry!

i need to take proper photos, but i will on saturday.
there is green "tea" resin involved now, and glitter.

also, i was feeling especially yule-tidey and made a wreath and decorated our little bonsai tree!

and finally, because everyone cares, here are some pictures of the cats.

hobo and pocket are new roommates and dont really get along,
even though they are estranged siblings. the first two photos are before the drama started...
just simply looking at things that cats look at out of windows.
pocket in the bedroom, and hobo waiting for her to come inside, so he can play with her.
and she can run away. and hiss. and growl like a banshee.

its fun, i promise.