hello! so I put some pictures up a little while ago of these pieces, but now its official- both "Pauses" and "Hours" are going to be in the 26th annual group show at La Luz de Jesus gallery - now called "Laluzapalooza"! cute. here are some more pictures. woop.


Sculpted polymer clay, vintage fabric, shells, alpaca hair, and lace on driftwood
11" x 11" x 6"

polymer clay sculpture, fabric and mohair in custom metal frame.
13" x 5" x 5" 
* this piece can be flipped- like an hourglass- so either figure can be on top
the show is up from March 2nd to April 1st, 
with a super fantastic opening this coming Friday, the 2nd!

Contact the gallery director for availability and purchase info: (323) 666-7667


Hi, Hi-Fructose!

Hey guess what show's featured on Hi-Fructose's blog? woo woo! 
Thanks to Daniel Rolnik for the photos! 


Post show Post

Ahh... what a fun show! I got to meet a lot of awesome folks as well as catch up with my dear buddies! Here are some pictures

Thank you to everyone who came out! The pictures may look otherwise, but the place was packed!

 There are still plenty of pieces to add to your collections, you know you want to... 

and a giant congratulations to the other artists, Sinae Park, Jessica Cooper, Danielle Buerli, Tom Haubrick and Bryce Takara- all their work was aaammaazing and I am so happy to have been in the same room with them all! And thank you so much to the lovelies at WWA, they did great work too! 

also I have just finished givin' the ole' website an update-
 check it out for new stuff all in one place



Okay- last time, I promise- 
"All Eyes Averted" opens tomorrow!!

here is the link to the Online Preview

Contact the gallery for information on available pieces
I will be at the show and I hope you can make it too!


Reminders and Amusements

the preview for the "Critters and People and things of that Sort" is up and running!

 so now that i don't have a giant project looooming over my head,
 i have taken some time to do silly random crafty type things. and i have documented said crafties, below:

my mom sent me a bag of wild walnuts in their husks that she gathered on a walk (what? most people's mom's do this, right?) and i used them to dye some things. it makes a really nice chestnutty brown, and is perfect for dulling-down too-bright fabric. i also now have a large brown silk square scarf that i am not sure exactly how to use...we'll see.

pocket always loves to get in the bath tub, especially with weird stuff hanging to dry in it

this was a little test pile of fabrics that i liked the patterns of, but wasn't crazy about the color. i also dyed some white cotton eyelet and some linen, which turned a lovely gray-brown:

most of the other fabrics didn't change too much, just a little dingy-er looking than before, which okay by me.

i don't think i've made valentines since the 7th grade, but i was inspired/bored and saw this blog post  by the darling Brenna Berger, who i interned for at Anthropologie a million years ago, and made a bunch! i added a sprinkle of salt to the damp paper to make them extra magic. i love watercolors, i think i could probably make these all day and not get bored- the watercolors, especially with the salt added, make their own decisions and create pattern and texture that you can't control, which i really enjoy watching- its a science experiment.

i sewed some bags for fun..i wish the one above had turned out better, i sewed too close to the zipper so it doesn't zip very well...2nd try was much better.

 i made a fancy/pointless paper heart strand that pocket really wanted to attack, and i let her. because it was cute. cute little vicious monster.

 and finally, this is our ceiling. it looks like the circus with this lighting!

the end!


Magnified Sneak Peeks

Here are some detail shots of my work for the upcoming show. I put a lot of time into the little things laying around the edges, gathering and arranging little tidbits, sewing vintage fabric into costumes, building tiny trinkets, and painting patterns galore. Click on any photo to view larger versions!

 and also, a shot from farther away of my four drawings that will be shown.
the end!


Fancy fabric tags, and, the end!

So yesterday I turned in all my work for the show at WWA Gallery! My series is titled "All Eyes Averted" and explores escapism, amongst other things. It is part of a six-person show, featuring work of Danielle Buerli, Sinae Park, Jessica Cooper, Tom Haubrick, and Bryce Takara, it should be an amazing show! The opening is February 18th, if you want to get a look at the work before the show opens, check out the gallery's website HERE!

all the work, loaded up and ready to go! 

 i photographed everything...
 and, as a finishing touch, i made fabric labels for each piece, which was very satisfying!

 pocket always likes to help, especially when she can get riiight in the way

 its so weird to not have all this stuff in my house anymore, 
but i am excited for the show, and for the next projects! yahoo!

the end!