Reminders and Amusements

the preview for the "Critters and People and things of that Sort" is up and running!

 so now that i don't have a giant project looooming over my head,
 i have taken some time to do silly random crafty type things. and i have documented said crafties, below:

my mom sent me a bag of wild walnuts in their husks that she gathered on a walk (what? most people's mom's do this, right?) and i used them to dye some things. it makes a really nice chestnutty brown, and is perfect for dulling-down too-bright fabric. i also now have a large brown silk square scarf that i am not sure exactly how to use...we'll see.

pocket always loves to get in the bath tub, especially with weird stuff hanging to dry in it

this was a little test pile of fabrics that i liked the patterns of, but wasn't crazy about the color. i also dyed some white cotton eyelet and some linen, which turned a lovely gray-brown:

most of the other fabrics didn't change too much, just a little dingy-er looking than before, which okay by me.

i don't think i've made valentines since the 7th grade, but i was inspired/bored and saw this blog post  by the darling Brenna Berger, who i interned for at Anthropologie a million years ago, and made a bunch! i added a sprinkle of salt to the damp paper to make them extra magic. i love watercolors, i think i could probably make these all day and not get bored- the watercolors, especially with the salt added, make their own decisions and create pattern and texture that you can't control, which i really enjoy watching- its a science experiment.

i sewed some bags for fun..i wish the one above had turned out better, i sewed too close to the zipper so it doesn't zip very well...2nd try was much better.

 i made a fancy/pointless paper heart strand that pocket really wanted to attack, and i let her. because it was cute. cute little vicious monster.

 and finally, this is our ceiling. it looks like the circus with this lighting!

the end!

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