wintertime thingies

helloo friends!
here are some process shots from my "tea sprite" piece for Cecil Kim's Forgotten Creature show
at his restaurant, Liliya, in downtown Los Angeles.
The show opens this Saturday, the 11th and features a boatload of my very talented buddies!
Come, eat, and be merry!

i need to take proper photos, but i will on saturday.
there is green "tea" resin involved now, and glitter.

also, i was feeling especially yule-tidey and made a wreath and decorated our little bonsai tree!

and finally, because everyone cares, here are some pictures of the cats.

hobo and pocket are new roommates and dont really get along,
even though they are estranged siblings. the first two photos are before the drama started...
just simply looking at things that cats look at out of windows.
pocket in the bedroom, and hobo waiting for her to come inside, so he can play with her.
and she can run away. and hiss. and growl like a banshee.

its fun, i promise.



Here's the link for the art auction for Busted Foundation,
all proceeds go towards helping women pay for treatment for breast cancer.
Lots of really amazing artists participated in this,
including Chet Zar, Ana Bagayan, Tara McPherson, Brian Viveros, and Shepard Fairey!
big thanks to Diana Gomez and the Busted Foundation for inviting me to participate!
check it out here:


go buy things! its for a good cause!



Hi friends!
So I finally have finished not one, but TWO pieces,
after a much much too longer leave of working my ass off at a real job! yay!

the first is a little sculpture based on The Ring,
for my first time showing with WWA Gallery in Culver City!
the show is
Horrrorwood and it opens on October 15
it should be a great show, featuring lots of my buddies!
9517 Culver Blvd, Culver City 90232
more info here!

oOOoOoo scaaaryyyy! no?
i saw this in a theatre full of screamers,
one of which may or may not have been me.
i also heart creepy victorian children, so it worked ou.

Also this weekend i finished a piece for an online charity auction show for the Busted Foundation,
which helps women with breast cancer pay for their medical bills.
The auction isn't up on eBay yet, but you can learn more about the foundation here!
she's based on the Greek myth of the Amazon warriors,
who were said to have removed or cauterized one of their breasts
so that they were more easily able to shoot arrows and throw spears.
they were fierce fighters, much like those fighting life threatening diseases.

Yay for finally making things!



hey friends! i am sorry for my silence- i have gotten a real job, and have been trying to do other things but am in the middle of everything right now- BUT i have exciting news! I just found out that I got "Outstanding Puppet Design" for the puppets I made for Starmites from StageSceneLA - Neverwonderland and Starmites both got a number of awards, so yayy again! You can read about it here!


puppet show!

Hello dear friends! Here are some better pictures of the puppets and costume I made for the upcoming NeverWonderLand!
It's going to be an amazing show! I also made the props and some scenic elements.
My dear roommate Danielle did the lovely poster design, as well as helping me make things!
You can buy tickets here, it opens Saturday the 24th and runs through August 22nd.

the cheshire cat - his teeth glow when he smiles, as is common with cheshire cats.

dinah, alice's darling siamese kitten:
and finally, the hood that Princes Tigerlily wears. She's a badass.

come see the show!



here is a lame picture of me in the Tiger Lilly costume/hood I made.
I thoroughly enjoyed painting stripes on. Also growling occasionally.
I will be taking better pictures, as well as eventually having pictures from it being worn in NeverWonderLand which opens at the end of the month!


Yart Sale!

Tomorrow morning (Saturday, July 3rd) my lovely roommates and I are having a garage/moving/art sale
I will have for sale many many old pieces of art
like these:

as well as random things.
like a piggy bank and a cowboy robe.
you should come buy them. they will be cheap.

we'll be there, probably drinking.....

8 am to 3 pm
6622 west 86th place
los angeles, california, 90045

(i can give out my address because we're moving and YoU'll NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE)
(also most of you who read this already know where i live.)


recent exploits

here are some sketches/little paintings/drawings i've done recently.

sketches for neverwonderland tiger lily costume/hood thing. i started building this today:

some sketchbook pages:

and a little painting on illustration board. i forgot how much i like illustration board!


new things!

i've started up working on props and puppets for BoomKat's production of NeverWonderland, which I had worked on in the early stages, but now is back in action. anyway, here are some shots of the cheshire cat's mouth/head- he's gon' glow!

30 LEDs through holes in his mouf. this is bright. real bright.

little cones of poly foam make perfect little fangs

and in his (in progress) head!
he's gonna have crazy glass eyes. alligator eyes.

pocket saw her first squirrel today.
and reeally wanted to eat him.

oh and you can see the partially made pelt of the cheshire cat (that purple and red stuff) behind her!

also- thank you to everyone who came out to the La Luz show!

If you missed it, you can still go and see it (it will be up until the end of the month, or check it out here!)


its official!

I have eleven new pieces for sale,
you can view them at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery preview page:
or come by if you live in the Los Angeles area -
opening reception, 8-11 pm
Friday June 4th
4633 Hollywood Blvd




tonight i finished photographing and editing those photos of all my work for the upcoming show! woo!
more to follow, and a very updated website in the next week!


progress report!

hey friends!
i have been madly finishing things for the upcoming show
at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on June 4th,
here are some progress pictures!

here is my floor during the making of the wiring for my (now almost finished) dreamcatcher chandelier !
Thanks Mike Buerli for helping wire things! And Fu for ideas! And the guys who sold me the right things this time!

this is a closeup, (its her Myspace picture, obviously) of my newest and final doll, a snake charmer. OooOo!

this is what her little hand looks like inside. it helps make the finger strong and easier to position.

and this is a tiny tiny doll, about 5" or 6" tall! She is sad because her house was burned.

That is all for now, but next week I will be updating my website with real photos of all the new work!!


Starmites Review!

Hey friends! Go see Starmites at the Miles Playhouse in Santa Monica!
It's amazing, I promise!
herre's a review from Stage Scene LA!

fancy town!

so i was lucky enough to take some reference photos of the lovely Shaina for my next painting, which i started today and got SO much done because its way way way easier to paint something when you get to take pictures exactly how you want them! I think this is my new plan from now on. Also I get great joy from dressing up other people in pretty things! Here's a one of my favorite shots- there were so many good ones, this isn't what I'm painting, but isn't she gorgeous?

right after this picture a train went by about 20 feet away from us.
and thanks to shaina!


Post Penumbra, and other things!

Soooo myself and over 30 of my lovely artistic friends will be showing art at


April 24, 2010
7pm - Midnight
Downtown LA
(corner of Olympic and Hope st)

The space has been magically transformed by the ladies and gents of The Upper 600s,
you can see more information at their website, here!

I promise it will be a wild good time!
(I will be showing two pieces, which I managed to forget to take pictures of, so you'll just have to go and see them! )

i did, however, take some new process photos of a new little guy I'm working on:

He now has fabric feathers, but needs many more.

Also, I finished that tiny mandolin I mentioned before.
I will never again try to string an instrument this small.

My favorite part, though, is the REAL wood used for the top of the mandolin!

and, just for fun...this is what my desk looks like while I'm in the midst of things!
alrighty. back to work!



Here are some shots of what I've been working on.
Above is a close up of a doll that I think will be playing a mandolin in a field of grass.
Below is a detail picture of a oil painting I've been working on.
I've never really painted water- that was tricky but I think I'm liking how this one is going.

and finally, this is Dakota, who keeps me company in the studio when there are no humans around.


puppets are finished!!

the "Banshee" puppets i made for Starmites are all finished!!!!
yayyyyy! i have never really made a puppet like this before, they are of a foam construction, pretty much all hand sewn, with feather hair. they are pretty silly. they were a lot of work, it should be fun to see them in action, singing and dancing!
modeling them is the talented director of Starmites, Steve Edlund.

This is Ralph, the Intergalactic Cat.
One lucky kid who sees the show will win him as a prize for the best job in the coloring contest! fun and games!


studio and oil paintings!

so Zach and I have been cleaning/rearranging his garage for the past few weeks and now it is all ready, set up, and lovely and we started painting!

Here are some shots of the paintings I'm working on for my upcoming June 4th, four person show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery (with the lovely Cooper). It's amazing to have the space to do big paintings, as well as the ventilation to do oils! yay!


Glass, Cinder and Thorns Review!

Go Here to see the review on Art Slant of the show I was part of at 323 East in Michigan!


Glass, Cinder and Thorns Opening!

Saturday was the opening of the all-women show Glass, Cinder and Thorns at 323 East Gallery in Michigan! I wasn't able to attend, but here are the pieces I submitted. It was very scary to mail them all the way to Michigan, but they survived!

These pieces were based loosely around the story of Little Red Riding Hood, as the show was centered around new interpretations of fairy tales.

"The Hunter"
mixed media in 8"x 10" shadowbox

"Following the Pack"
mixed media in 12" x 22" shadow box

detail from "following the pack"

"the Hood Sisters"
ink, gouache and pencil on paper
14" x 11"