progress report!

hey friends!
i have been madly finishing things for the upcoming show
at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on June 4th,
here are some progress pictures!

here is my floor during the making of the wiring for my (now almost finished) dreamcatcher chandelier !
Thanks Mike Buerli for helping wire things! And Fu for ideas! And the guys who sold me the right things this time!

this is a closeup, (its her Myspace picture, obviously) of my newest and final doll, a snake charmer. OooOo!

this is what her little hand looks like inside. it helps make the finger strong and easier to position.

and this is a tiny tiny doll, about 5" or 6" tall! She is sad because her house was burned.

That is all for now, but next week I will be updating my website with real photos of all the new work!!


J. A. W. Cooper said...

So amazing, I love the new dolls!

Danielle Bürli said...

you are so awesome! but you already know that