tiny roses

here are some tiny roses i made yesterday. 
i kind of just want to make them all the time. 
the biggest one is about 1/2 inch in diameter.

the end!


more painting, some new developments and stealing fruit

so! more progress on some paintings, who are making a long journey soon.

both need more work, the top one more so.

this photo is a sneak peak to a new project i'm working on- 
here's a hint- sign up for LifeCrowd.com now so you won't miss it!

and some fun-to-me things happening in my house; growing green onions, which i have a strong addiction to, in a mason jar..easy peasy- the tallest one went in probably a week ago and already 3" tall! magic! just put the white ends you cut off in about an inch of water, and change the water every few days. it seems to work faster than putting them in soil, which i have also done.

 cabin fever set in the other day and i went for a walk around my neighborhood, which has a large number of lemon trees, which all are laden right now, so ...free lemons! don't tell my neighbors (although to be fair, the little ones were from the ground * and then washed* and the big one was from a branch hanging over a fence into an alley, with about 30 other lemons that obviously weren't going to be eaten. No one makes that much lemonade...but they should.) they are about 23 times juicier than store-bought, and nice to know the ancient los angeles orchards that used to be here are still producing. and by "ancient" i mean the 1900's-1950s...if that..

there were also a lot of mostly barren avocado trees, which would be awesome if they were covered, because i love avocado more than any other food...maybe soon they will appear. i was tempted to grab a handful of kumquats from this tree that was overflowing with them near an alley, but a) i don't know what kumquats taste like and b) it was juuust a little too high/on the fence to casually grab some, unlike the lemons...


Painting city!

 i've been working on a new painting, which will have three-dimensional elements in the future. this is what it looked like this afternoon-

thanks to Jackie for letting me take her photo for reference!

Also, on Sunday I had the opportunity to do some life painting at Korpus School in downtown LA, which was really fun! If anyone is looking to fill a 5 hour gap in their Sunday evenings, fill it with models, oil paints, tea, and chips!

 the end!


silk and sculptures

I'm working on some new pieces for a show coming up in Hong Kong, 
 here's what's on the worktable today:

she needs eyebrows, more hair and a new hand*. sleeves are unfinished as well. 
she'll be sitting in a garden with tiny bird friends. 

 *i have a small problem, as Pocket decided to bite the fingertip off of one of the hands,
 because I wasn't paying enough attention to her- 
you can see, the far middle finger there is broken...so her hands might end up being a bit different than what's here.. .
 at least Pocket didn't eat the Sculpey chip!

also, a side project I am working on- I got some lovely silk scarves, which I have been experimenting with dyeing and painting. its pretty fun, I plan on putting some up for sale soon, once I get it all together!

finally, I went out in the Ballona Creek marsh the other day and took some reference photos with my buddy Alexis Branger. We found the armful of flowers in the dumpster behind a florist, hardly wilted!


sketchy times

 recently i've started going to life drawing again, which i love to do! here are some from last thursday, with the lovely Sarah modeling. there's always a big crowd when she's there! These were 7 to 10 minute sketches, except the last one was 20 minutes. fun fun!

 and here's a little sketch of a mustachioed man... contemplating his mustache, amongst other things.
Also, don't forget to check out Laluzapalooza, 
which is now open and amazing and see it all online if you can't make it!