silk and sculptures

I'm working on some new pieces for a show coming up in Hong Kong, 
 here's what's on the worktable today:

she needs eyebrows, more hair and a new hand*. sleeves are unfinished as well. 
she'll be sitting in a garden with tiny bird friends. 

 *i have a small problem, as Pocket decided to bite the fingertip off of one of the hands,
 because I wasn't paying enough attention to her- 
you can see, the far middle finger there is broken...so her hands might end up being a bit different than what's here.. .
 at least Pocket didn't eat the Sculpey chip!

also, a side project I am working on- I got some lovely silk scarves, which I have been experimenting with dyeing and painting. its pretty fun, I plan on putting some up for sale soon, once I get it all together!

finally, I went out in the Ballona Creek marsh the other day and took some reference photos with my buddy Alexis Branger. We found the armful of flowers in the dumpster behind a florist, hardly wilted!

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