sculptures sculptures rah rah rah!

update, go!

 some tiny wood floors i made for a new sculpture...

the final product of my sculpting class! sad its over, but i learned so much.

 silly, but i was really excited to drive by a giant fallen branch off of a very giant old pine tree- i snuck a couple little branches to bring some holiday cheer to a corner of my apartment. decorated with mini ornaments and random sequined trim. pocket loves it. i'm surprised she hasn't eaten the entire thing yet.

 and here's where i'm at tonight with this sculpture- the top halves of the ladies are sculpted, with the bottoms being made with my new favorite material- fabric medical tape- and the remnants a pillow's stuffing. lacy magic costumes to follow.


working away

 my workspace, in the beginning stage of making this new piece- you can see the armature, which has been covered with aluminum foil, and then masking tape to keep it in line. also always around, sketches, and my notes on proportion and anatomy, and, of course, coffee.
 pocket, who takes very detailed notes on the comings and goings of the birds, and the squirrel that daily runs along the fence outside the window, tempting her. one time it had a walnut.
 here is the piece, part-way through, unbaked
 this is my class study- this is after the third week, we have one more week of sculpting. i think i am going to take this class again, if i can. its so interesting to spend so much time, with the live model in front of you, concentrating on muscles, structure, and all that goodness.
 here is the sculpture, baked and ready for paint
 and here is a sneak of the painted sculpture. i am still deciding if she'll have hair or if the background will have dimensional bits. we shall see.

 and here are the cameos, which i still have a bit of work to do on.
this was a rather productive, yet mostly antisocial, weekend/week.


in the midst

 so i'm in the process of starting and sketching some new pieces, i thought i'd show a little taste of what that looks like
 these are a few of a series of "cameos" that i'm working on, 
i have a number of these little wooden plaques, hopefully i can finish all of them:
and here is one with the first coat of paint...she's not quite so wall-eyed anymore..

and here are some sketches and my little list of inspirational ideas, quotes and random phrases, typed on my mother's teal typewriter. things are more important and sincere when you type them on a typewriter, right?


ok, now...back to thinking and planning!


sketches, sculptures, teasers and a paartridge in a pear treeeee

so! here are some things i've made recently and 
some things ive been working on that aren't quite finished:
 the above and below photos are of my sculpture i'm working on in my class at Santa Monica College- which has been super helpful, the teacher, David Simon, knows everything about anatomy. 
the "before"s were all taken at the beginning of the 3rd session of this pose (i wish i had pictures from the beginning, but i didn't think of it at the time, garsh darnit) The "afters" are 5 hours later.. i still have two more 5-hour sessions to work on this sculpture. phew. she'll get some boobs by then, most likely.
 next up, a partridge puppet that i made for BoomKat Dance Theatre's holiday show, "Stations", which is showing in Santa Monica at the Miles Memorial Playhouse! The show runs Nov. 26th to Dec. 30th- go see it! these guys put on some amazing shows, with impressive dancing, singing and general magnificence. More info HERE

(fun fact: the partridge poops repeatedly on someone in the show.)
(which is why he's got that evil look in his eye.)


also, last night i randomly went to a sketch night at Gnoman School in Hollywood, where my good buddy Alyssa is taking classes- they had a number of steampunky babes lounging about for the drawing pleasure of a good crowd! and free soda. these two factors mean i'm going back again as soon as possible.
  the event was put on by them Gallery Girls, who bring the lovely all around LA.
ps: thanks to alyssa for letting me borrow her pencils.
and, finally, a little teaser of a new piece i'm working on for an upcoming show 
at WWA gallery in Culver City...

super long post! bam!


Puppet Video

so, as promised, here is my silly little video, featuring the acting genius of Ken Flewellyn, and the puppeteering genius of Zach Schoenbaum. They also wrote the dialogue. I made the puppet, filmed and edited the video. This was my first time using actors, and I spent too much time getting outtakes (which-DAMN! i forgot to include...i'll figure that out somehow.) and ran out of room on the camera's card. so...i made it work, i guess. rambletown. enjoy!


and here is the video link!


La Luz de Jesus 25th Anniversary show opening!

Hello! No big plans tonight? go check out La Luz de Jesus's 25th Anniversary Show! I went last night, its a great show! Here's a shot of my contribution, "Lunacy", hanging next to the great Shawn Barber's portrait of Billy Shire, how exciting!

Also, my piece is part of the book they created for the show (which is why I made this piece almost a year ago and it is only showing now!), here is the blurb:

"The book, La Luz de Jesus 25: The Little Gallery That Could, features images of all the art in the show, a personal anecdote about Shire and the gallery written by each artist, essays by La Luz gallery directors and a foreword by Shire. The book is much more than a simple record of this remarkable exhibition. Together, the images and essays present a history of La Luz de Jesus through the eyes of the artists whose careers are intertwined with Shire and his gallery. "

The show will be up November 4th- 27th, the opening reception is Nov.4th and 5th, 8-11 pm!

ps my piece is still up for sale! it lights up! the moon changes phases! buy it?



Puppets and Hashfanzine


So I have made a new puppet. He is a therapist. There will be a video by the end of the week. Also, some halloween goodness will be coming up soon!

aaand you should download this awesome Italian magazine, which, if you read Italian, has an interview with little old me! and, if you don't read Italian, the magazine is full of lovely design and amazing art! Download it here: http://www.hashfanzine.org/2011/10/hashfanzine-n-03.html


my first video

here is a little video i made for a class i am taking. we had to shoot a product, so i chose one that i use all the time - Winsor & Newton gouache. The video is nothing special, it is my first attempt at anything like this! also you should mute it if you watch it....the sound is just background noises that I forgot to take out, woops!



Hey so this is a little article about Homeroom gallery's show, 
which my piece "Hours" is in on Fecal Face! woohoo! 
Check it out, Go to the show, its up until Dec. 9th, 


A Long Walk Home

Here are some full shots of my piece for the Busted Art Auction, which is still up until 10.11.11! 
Get it before the bidding ends, HERE!



OH duh I just realized, although I announced that this piece is now finally for sale through La Luz de Jesus,
I never put up the full view of it! So here is my piece for the 25th Anniversary show, "Lunacy"

for more information contact the gallery director at 323.666.7667
or email info@laluzdejesus.com

Busted piece Available soon! and other news!

Coming up is Art in Support of the Busted Foundation :
 As you can see, there are a lot of great artists supporting this cause; 100% of the proceeds go to women fighting breast cancer, to help pay for their treatments and bills. 
This year the pieces that will be auctioned on eBay starting Oct. 1st will be on display in Chinatown at the opening of the 
Mirror Gallery!
963 Chung King Road, Los Angeles
come check it out and support another great cause!
here is a preview shot of my piece:

So I missed an announcement: 
my Pig Footed Bandicoot is available now for sale through the Echo Park Time Travel Mart
this place, if you haven't been to it, is great and amazing: the store front is filled with amazing trinkets and novelties, such as Caveman's Toolkits (a box filled with different sized rocks), Famous Last Words, funky hats and costumes, toys, books and lots of fun gifties, all in beautifully and cleverly designed packaging. Behind the store is the real gem- a free (supported by donations and the store's sales), volunteer-based tutoring center for local kids, offering help, creative writing and thinking workshops, books and a quiet friendly space to work. SO- go check it out, buy some awesome art (50% of the sales go to the tutoring center!) by my lovely friends (Allison Reimold, Jessica Cooper, Zach Schoenbaum, Sinae Park, Jay Doronio and David Ra!)check out their amazing products, and be happy to support a wonderous idea! 
also a HUGE thank you to Shannon Losorelli for putting it all together! 



SoooOOooooOoo i am extremely excited about this show that i am participating in in November- 
La Luz de Jesus's 25th Anniversary Show! 

the group of artists that will have pieces at this show is unbelievable and i am so honored to be on the same walls as the likes of Liz McGrath, Tim Biskup, Mark Ryden, Nathan Ota, Shag, Robert Williams, Bob Dob, Daniel Lim, Eric White, Jessica Joslin, Danni Shinya Luo, AHHH and so many others...i could go on...but i won't. 

check out the preview HERE

there are so many people showing (200+ artists) that there are two weekends, 
 October 7 and November 4, 2011  
- i am in the November 4th show. 

please take a look online and come to the show if you are in the los angeles area! it'll be an amazing party.



soo here are some things i've been working on, finishing and fiddling with:

 this is a work in progress that needs a few more details done. this piece is more flat and  textile-y than most of what I've done. It was pretty fun to do this way...we'll see.

 this is my Pig-Footed Bandicoot "taxidermy" - for the Echo Park Time Travel Mart's upcoming "Extinction" show, coming September 24th! more info soon.

he plays music! 

 this is my "Girl with the Green Ribbon"- it is for sale through WWA Gallery's "cabinet of curiosities" - check it out!
And also Julian Callos' AMAZing show is on right now there, don't miss it!

thats all for now.



here's the drawing for a poster i'm working on for a play about Mary Magdelene.
not my usual realm of subject matter, but it was nice to just draw a little bit.
i'll show more as it progresses!
and thanks to Sara Kumar for asking me to do this!