soo here are some things i've been working on, finishing and fiddling with:

 this is a work in progress that needs a few more details done. this piece is more flat and  textile-y than most of what I've done. It was pretty fun to do this way...we'll see.

 this is my Pig-Footed Bandicoot "taxidermy" - for the Echo Park Time Travel Mart's upcoming "Extinction" show, coming September 24th! more info soon.

he plays music! 

 this is my "Girl with the Green Ribbon"- it is for sale through WWA Gallery's "cabinet of curiosities" - check it out!
And also Julian Callos' AMAZing show is on right now there, don't miss it!

thats all for now.


Q said...

nice job Jessica ... as always

dalva said...

thank you!

Jules said...

Ahhh, everything looks so gorgeous!

David Ra said...

excellent. that pig-footed bandicoot looks awesome!

Danielle Buerli said...

OOOO I like the girl, Super cute. Is that the new sculpy?

Giselle said...

dalva!!! its beeaaautttiful!

dalva said...

thanks ya'll!