Busted piece Available soon! and other news!

Coming up is Art in Support of the Busted Foundation :
 As you can see, there are a lot of great artists supporting this cause; 100% of the proceeds go to women fighting breast cancer, to help pay for their treatments and bills. 
This year the pieces that will be auctioned on eBay starting Oct. 1st will be on display in Chinatown at the opening of the 
Mirror Gallery!
963 Chung King Road, Los Angeles
come check it out and support another great cause!
here is a preview shot of my piece:

So I missed an announcement: 
my Pig Footed Bandicoot is available now for sale through the Echo Park Time Travel Mart
this place, if you haven't been to it, is great and amazing: the store front is filled with amazing trinkets and novelties, such as Caveman's Toolkits (a box filled with different sized rocks), Famous Last Words, funky hats and costumes, toys, books and lots of fun gifties, all in beautifully and cleverly designed packaging. Behind the store is the real gem- a free (supported by donations and the store's sales), volunteer-based tutoring center for local kids, offering help, creative writing and thinking workshops, books and a quiet friendly space to work. SO- go check it out, buy some awesome art (50% of the sales go to the tutoring center!) by my lovely friends (Allison Reimold, Jessica Cooper, Zach Schoenbaum, Sinae Park, Jay Doronio and David Ra!)check out their amazing products, and be happy to support a wonderous idea! 
also a HUGE thank you to Shannon Losorelli for putting it all together! 

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Danielle Buerli said...

Amazing! I want to see the full thing