its official!

I have eleven new pieces for sale,
you can view them at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery preview page:
or come by if you live in the Los Angeles area -
opening reception, 8-11 pm
Friday June 4th
4633 Hollywood Blvd



Goodbye Henry Detamble said...

the new work looks great jess! excited to see it in person.

Daniel said...

Marvelous, I wish I could see it in person....

MV said...

a couple of months ago i was lucky enough to ran into your pieces at la luz de jesus gallery.
i fell deeply in love with "the player".
i took a lot of pictures and i keep looking at "it" (her), not believing my eyes.
i don't have the money to buy it, and besides, im travelling for some uncertain time, so sadly ill just have to content with the pictures, but anyway, i needed to congratulate you for your work!...
"the player" touched my heart and soul in a way you can't imagine.

thanks for sharing such wonderful creations with the world.
keep doing the amazing work you do, and blessings for you!...


dalva said...

Aw thanks MV, i wish I had read your comment earlier! I am glad you enjoyed her so much.