Hi friends!
So I finally have finished not one, but TWO pieces,
after a much much too longer leave of working my ass off at a real job! yay!

the first is a little sculpture based on The Ring,
for my first time showing with WWA Gallery in Culver City!
the show is
Horrrorwood and it opens on October 15
it should be a great show, featuring lots of my buddies!
9517 Culver Blvd, Culver City 90232
more info here!

oOOoOoo scaaaryyyy! no?
i saw this in a theatre full of screamers,
one of which may or may not have been me.
i also heart creepy victorian children, so it worked ou.

Also this weekend i finished a piece for an online charity auction show for the Busted Foundation,
which helps women with breast cancer pay for their medical bills.
The auction isn't up on eBay yet, but you can learn more about the foundation here!
she's based on the Greek myth of the Amazon warriors,
who were said to have removed or cauterized one of their breasts
so that they were more easily able to shoot arrows and throw spears.
they were fierce fighters, much like those fighting life threatening diseases.

Yay for finally making things!


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Ohmahgahhh, I LOVE the ring piece! So creepy and beautiful!

Jules said...

Whoaaaa awesome sculptures! I can't wait to see The Ring piece in person!

Giselle said...

i love them!! the ring piece is especially fantastic!