European Adventure part 1

I have returned from traveling and will share some drawings with you. 
It was amazing and exhausting and I wish that I had had more time to draw, 
but there was so much to see! 

 the first hostel in Nice, France, had a funny cat, that sat around,
 looking at everyone, and getting scraps. it was sort of crazy looking.

 i really liked this lion, which was part of a fountain in Garibaldi Square in Nice. 
I found the Prada ribbon (on the left side) on the street in Monaco,
 how appropriate, right?  (its really fancy there or something)

les Trois Graces fountain in Montpellier, France

 an unfinished drawing of a statue in Montpellier..i think it was of Louis XIV for winning some war or some such momentous event. i kind of like it just being the horse.

we sat in a park in Montpellier and drank some Orangina (which comes in tall cans!), 
and, as we sat and drew, the kids got out of school and came and everyone sat in the grass. 
then the teenage antics began. then we left.

the cathedral in Barcelona, Spain
apparently i can't draw straight lines. oh well

 some weird-ass monkey type things from the Natural History Museum in Barcelona, which was completely deserted and really nice. It had previously been in a castle, which we really wanted to go into, but it has now moved to a super-modern cheese-slice shaped mirrored building. I think there were about 4 other people in the entire place.

the interior doors to the amazing courtyard (!) at our hostel in Madrid

i drew a lot of people in Madrid, apparently. It was raining a little, so we were in the hostel a bit more than other places. Also sitting in Cafe Zurich in Madrid, where there was a funny clown guy (top right) who would just follow people around, copying their walks and blowing a whistle. Also some hands and faces from the Museo de Prado, which was giant, and had good cappuccinos.

I am going to put some more in the next post. This is just round one!
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