New Excitement!

So I didn't find out until right before, but work I had in La Luz de Jesus was part of the Beyond Eden show at the LA Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall Park last weekend! It was an amazing show-it was so exciting to have stuff in the same room as some of my favorite artists! I took some pictures, in case you missed it!
Also, here's another snapshot of part of my piece for the Alchemy Archives show, on the 24th:
Also, some friends and I went to the LA Opera costume sale on Saturday-the line was long but the bag o' fabric that I got was well worth the wait. The costumes that we saw people walking away with were amazing! Next time, we're going early. Way early. Here are some snippets:

It was a busy weekend.


JAW Cooper said...

There is a woman... wearing a boot on her head... in that last photo.

dalva said...

i know! and i'm pretty sure that the boot was being sold as a hat. it had a chin strap.