cats n paintings n ideas

it was real warm today and pocket decided she LOVES the little fan i had going.
look at that face of bliss!

a portrait of prince that i am working on. still need to do more...i'll be done by the end of the week, as this is my last week of classes at Red Engine Studios! wah! : ( it went by so quickly...

(pocket also loves the pincushion. i intervened before she ate any pins.)

well i made another dreamcatcher, this one is more normal so far.
not sure what to do with it now.

we got to paint sarah last saturday, which is always fun. i wish the face turned out better...

i'm trying to improve my sewing skills. i have ideas but they never turn out nice enough. also i think i tend to try to use the wrong materials because i think they will work, or at least i pretend they will, when really i should be using something more suited to the project.

what project, you ask?
below is my first attempt.
i'll get better. im still not really sure what im doing. so i won't tell you yet.

and finally some random drawing, because its too hot for shirts.

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