Onto the Next

The way things go:

 First, lots of sketches, finding reference and planning armature, 
sourcing materials and figuring out any assemblage issues.

 I like to sculpt the torso, legs and head first, then bake the sculpture, and then add the arms and hands, as the support of the cured body makes sculpting hands a bit simpler. Also then I don't scratch or dent up the body or face when I'm adding the details to the hands, which requires little tools and maneuvering my own hands in weird ways, usually.

This piece is based on the legend of the good wolf and the bad wolf, who battle each day in us all. Above is the good wolf, ready to be cured in the oven. Below, the bad wolf, who is still rough and needs lots of detail work. I'm taking a little break from him, to write this post. 
This piece will be called "The One you Feed."

And this last week, despite many glorious Halloween related activities, I finished this piece, more or less. The bundle of sticks were part of a box of gnarled apple branches, twigs and dried flowers that my mom collected in Mendocino for me. I have to get there soon, it is so lovely and foggy and rather magical, and is always a source of inspiration for me. The box of sticks has this scent of the forest that makes me want to be a hermit and gather my own wood for a little fire. 

for information regarding these pieces or the show in February, please contact Matt Kennedy, the gallery director at La Luz de Jesus Gallery at info@laluzdejesus.com

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Katie Lawter said...

Absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail in the bodies are insaaane. The makeup design on the bottom woman is great. The white eyes are haunting.