September Night

First off, if you live in the Philadelphia area, go check out Summer Spell at Gallery 309, which I have some work in, and some really amazing people (Esao Andrews, Dilek Baykara, Amy Earles, and Sara Louise Davey, to name a few) have made things for! It opens tonight, Friday the 7th! More info Here

In more personal news, I am finally moving, which is exciting but also sad and tiring, but I am happy to be leaving this place. So, I thought I'd get a little update in before everything gets put in boxes and I can't find anything!
also, moving makes me realize I have an amazing collection of art supplies. This is not everything, not even close. But the spill-able things go in my silver trunk with the tiger paper lining.

above and below are some more or less finished drawings and paintings I've been working on..

and last night i returned once again to my alma mater and drew the lovely Sarah, who had some fun costumes. i think these were all 10 minute poses:

 some random preparatory sketches for various things
 this one might get those birds from above, somewhere...not sure yet:
oh and some notes from a visit to the Getty Museum's Klimt exhibit, which is quite nice and has a million lovely sketches. If you are in LA its worth seeing! 
the end
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