Vampira en Tape

So, I am working on a commission piece - a small sculpture of the lovely, spooky Vampira, aka Maila Nurmi, from the 1950s. I really like how she looks right now, as a curvy aluminum foil-and-tape mummy. Today she will get more features, but I thought I'd share the progress. 

I usually don't use so much tape to sculpt, but since she will be mostly covered in her signature long, fitted dress, she can have a lot of structure underneath, rather than just sculpey. This will make her sturdy (she's got 3 armature wires in her legs) and i can focus on the sculpting at the top. Also, tape and aluminum foil is fun to "sculpt"! As a side note, the base is a sawed-off piece from the end of a Christmas tree. They give them away since they cut so many, and they smell really amazing and make great, natural looking bases for sculptures!

More to come soon on this piece. 
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