Current Events

 Some things I've been working on. Big excitement coming!
First off, I made a new quilt. Here is my sketch, although it changed and simplified a little.

 here are the pieces, squares arranged and ready to be sewn together:

 of course, Pocket helps a lot in this process, by jumping on all the pieces as I moved them around, because obviously I only do this for her amusement. And here is the nearly finished quilt, I just have to tack the centers of each square together with a stitch or two. it is quite cozy.

 these are some quick color studies for a new project I'm starting on. It's going to be amazing.

 here's a hint: it has something to do with my fancy schmancy new business license:


and now, some other pages of sketches. 
above, a storyboard (!) 
and below, various thumbnails for a new body of work I am getting started on.


aaaand finally, because I am super cool, here are some pictures of new plants I got (downtown LA is amazing. These both are super happy and big and only cost $2 each. woo!) and an obligatory blog cat in the window photo. Isn't she pretty?
 the end!
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rdalva said...

I can't wait to see all this wonderful stuff. And I am glad Mom and I are pictured

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