Sprouts, Sculptures and a lot of Cat pictures

 some things sprouting up- basil, green onions, arugula and cat grass (thanks to Kim and Danny at GreenAid Seedbombs!) pocket loves the grass, and i am excited to have fresh green things to eat, eventually
 pocket carefully observes my painting technique:
 a piece in progress, after a late-night painting session
 today pocket discovered that the mini disco ball that was hanging in the window is a great toy to bat around the house..
 she carries it like a mouse by its tail...

and here are some pictures of a new piece, "Pauses"
 she's sitting on a bit of driftwood, more info soon!
I am alllllmoooost finished with my new series "All Eyes Averted" that will be showing at WWA Gallery in Culver City starting February 18th! A preview will be up soon and if you would like to be added to the preview list, check out the gallery's website here! Excitement!

the end!

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