getting things done, and some treasures

 sooo my lovely sister Cory was so kind to give me one of her oldish cameras for my birthday/christmas, which is soo exciting so... i've been taking lots of pictures - of some new stuff, some stuff in progress, and...ya know, plants and cats.

 here's some detail shots of one of the newest pieces i've recently finished

 and an in-progress shot of my attempt at resin-pouring- things worked out okay, but it's a tricky process, and i would definitely do some things differently if there is a next time attempting something like this...plus it stinks up the house like mad.

 and just for funzies: today i made out like a bandit at the thrift store- i was poking around an old sewing desk (the ones with the built-in machine) and opened the drawers to find a goldmine of vintage sewing supplies, silk thread, and- the kicker- photos from August, 1968, of who i would assume is the seamstress, hanging out with her friends at the beach! this is why i love scrounging.

and here is what my evenings usually look like- 
zach contemplating his paintings for his upcoming show...

...in-progress pieces hanging on the wall, the only place they are safe from...

...this monster, who insisted on shoving herself into a box that was about 2 inches wide. she loved it.

the end!

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