various little things

here are some dumb little sketches
and the start of my pig-footed bandicoot.

little gouache sketch of galliano's fall 2009 makeup. too bad he's such a jerk...i really love these faces.

uhhhh pocket was found sunbathing inside this little greenhouse. love.

this is an extinct Australian animal, which, unlike all other bandicoots, had small, deer-foot-like toenails on its front paws, and a single toenail on its back paw that was shaped like a horse's hoof. weird little thing. this guy is about the size of a kitten, which is, apparently, accurate.

ok. uh i have not been making enough things and am in a rut. any suggestions are welcome!


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Oh my! The Galliano painting is divine, and the little Bandicute (see what I did there?) is ADORABLEEEE!

Stumped? You should probably just go ahead and sculpt a life-sized bust of... me. But JUST the bust... ifyaknowwhatimean.

Work day soon?

dalva said...

ooo good plan. I'll need lots of reference. LOTS. and we better werk soon!! friday? sunday?