so its been awhile, i had computer problems involving a full glass of beer, but all's well! so here's some shots of a piece i just finished for an upcoming show. I'll show the full photos later, the show won't be until September or October, and it will also be put into a book! its one of the more complicated pieces I've made in awhile. I put a lot of work into it, I'm glad its done!

some process shots of the herons, with my handy bird identification book and my trusted accomplice, pocket, in the background.

detail shot of one of the night herons (well more closely based on a green heron, but still.) and some tiny books and tarot cards i made.


the other side of the floor, with a luna moth being pursued by another heron.

also, here's something I worked on at my job job, which was for my bosses' kids' school play of Alice in Wonderland. I swear if I do another Alice project, I will start barfing white rabbits and teacups. It was fun nonetheless.

the book was 8' by 6', i included the last picture with a forklift in the background for scale. giant! each page had lyrics to songs as well as my illustrations.


Daniel said...

I like your tiny books ... Kinda wanna read one

Romina said...

your attention to tiny details always amazes me!, can't wait to see the whole piece all together!!