things ive been working on/vacation times

these are some process photos for work i've been doing for a dance/play called Neverwonderland. it was postponed till july, but so far i've made a mad-hatter hat (which pocket was very happy to help me with), an illuminated Tinkerbell puppet and the beginnings of a little Dina kitten puppet. fun stuff!

this is a project danielle and i made- we eat a lot of eggs, so we made an egg-carton christmas tree! i think pocket thought it was the God of the Laser Pointer, and she paid her respects by sleeping under it for hours. also, i experimented with dying some rabbit fur for an upcoming project. it worked much better than i expected, yay!

and i went home for a short but lovely christmas. we walked on Ring Mountain, ate delicious foods and warmed by the fireplace.


J. A. W. Cooper said...

Pocket's photobombing the hell out of this set. Love it.

Danielle Bürli said...

Awww Pocket! The tree looks amazing. we did well.