sketch adventures and silks

soo now that my show is over at La Luz de Jesus (you can still view the image gallery under "2013" HERE - there are some pieces left over!) I have been doing lots of sketching and other random projects that I hadn't had time for before now. Here's some pictures! 

 Sketchbook pages, the two on the right are from my recent trip to northern California - 
my family has a little flock of parrots, which were fun to draw, and, of course, airport people.

more random sketches from here and there

 This afternoon I went for a short look at the horses at the LA Equestrian Center - 
they were all giant and lovely and shiny 

 This little sketch page was featured over on The Scribble Project, which you can see HERE! So fun and random. This was done at the height of Pocket's paintbrush-stealing spree, which was driving me insane. Thanks to Lisa for inviting me to sketch for her!

 and, finally, some more silk scarf dyeing! I love doing this. I should have them up for sale in a while, I have more colors to add and more styles to try.

and, because they are fun, here's a little animated gif of one of the scarves in the wind!

 the end!