True West, Soon Enough

 So here's a new sculpture I made, "Soon Enough".
 The base is all gold-leafed. It's fancy.

 On a completely different note, here is a poster I made for my dear friend Margaret's theatre company, Baby Crow Productions. This was a fun break from what I've been doing lately. As well as the lovely ladies I drew, I also drew out all the words for the poster, which I don't get to do often, but really enjoy. You can help them out by donating to their IndieGoGo program, here, which will help get their show off the ground!

Also, Thanks again to everyone who came out to the show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, and to all the fantastic people who purchased artwork! There are still pieces available, check them out here, and contact the gallery director Matt Kennedy at (323) 666-7667 or info@laluzdejesus.com

And soon I have some really exciting news to tell, but not juuust yet!
the end!