Wanderlust International Group Exhibition!

which is available as part of Modern Eden Gallery's 
"Wanderlust International Group Exhibition" in San Francisco! 
The show opens on Saturday, if you are in the Bay Area, you should check it out!

6" x 8" 
mixed media



Holiday Sale!

So I suppose I missed the whole "Black Friday/Cyber Monday" sale avalanche, but I thought it would be good to do a sale on the pieces I have available on my Etsy shop! The prices have been reduced quite a lot, so check them out and see if anything piques your interest! 
Take a look at Dalva Art on Etsy!

 All pieces ordered before Dec. 12th will be shipped by the 13th, I will do my best to get them to you before the holidays.




Come to WWA Gallery in Culver City tonight to see the opening of their annual (3rd? not sure) "HORRORWOOD" show, featuring art based or inspired by classic horror films. My piece, "Murder" is based on Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds. I'll be there tonight, hope to see you! There is a ton of lovely work by a bunch of great artists, check it out HERE!

mixed media, wall mounted sculpture
14" x 13" x 4"



"Cosmos" and "Time Will Tell" Opening this Saturday at WWA Gallery!

I am so excited to be showing a couple of pieces in a secondary show to my good friend and super talented artist, Julian Callos's new solo show, "Cosmos". 
 I've seen a few of his new pieces in person and they are incredible, if you want to see some amazing work, check it out! 
And here's a little sneak peek of what I'll be showing:



New Work Available for Sale!

So I have finally put up a few of my leftover pieces from my show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery back in February. Check them out on my Etsy shop here!
More coming soon!

The end!


LA Beer Fest, and other things!

Hellooo, it's been awhile. 
I just participated in this fun show put on by La Luz de Jesus Gallery, the "Beer is Art" coaster show, which is part of the Los Angeles Beer Week festivities. Every artist in the show used their custom beer coasters in our pieces. Here's what I made, they are for sale in the gallery or online Here! 
 "I'll be Ready", Graphite, Acrylic $150

 "This is Good", Graphite, Acrylic $150

"Don't Look Now", Acrylic, Polymer Clay, Paper, Wood, Glass, Glue $450

More exciting projects coming up soon!

You can keep more up to date by following me on instagram, @jdalva! 



Dead Animals

It's been awhile. I went to the Los Angeles Natural History Museum the other day,
 here's some drawings!
 African Lion

Ferruginous Hawk

Mountain Lion
Greater Kudu

Also here are just some photos from my little excursion. 
 ^ these guys are SO EXCITED ^

 A few weeks ago some friends and I also went to the NHM for their annual Bug Show, which was amazing. I held a scorpion. They glow in black light! Whaaat!

 Spoon Flies, one of many amazing, exotic bugs that were available to add to one's collection.

And finally, some random drawings from the past month:
I wish there was more to show, but work keeps me in a constant state of exhaustion. 
But I'm trying to do more.



sketch adventures and silks

soo now that my show is over at La Luz de Jesus (you can still view the image gallery under "2013" HERE - there are some pieces left over!) I have been doing lots of sketching and other random projects that I hadn't had time for before now. Here's some pictures! 

 Sketchbook pages, the two on the right are from my recent trip to northern California - 
my family has a little flock of parrots, which were fun to draw, and, of course, airport people.

more random sketches from here and there

 This afternoon I went for a short look at the horses at the LA Equestrian Center - 
they were all giant and lovely and shiny 

 This little sketch page was featured over on The Scribble Project, which you can see HERE! So fun and random. This was done at the height of Pocket's paintbrush-stealing spree, which was driving me insane. Thanks to Lisa for inviting me to sketch for her!

 and, finally, some more silk scarf dyeing! I love doing this. I should have them up for sale in a while, I have more colors to add and more styles to try.

and, because they are fun, here's a little animated gif of one of the scarves in the wind!

 the end!



So, the piece I just showed in the last post has been accepted to La Luz de Jesus' 27th annual group show, Laluzapalooza! This show is really fantastic to be a part of, there are about 125 artists that get selected out of 5,000, and I get to be one of them!

Soon Enough
Polymer Clay, acrylic paint, mohair, glass beads, paper flowers, foliage and gold leaf.
4" x 14" x 3"

The show opens on March 1st, and more for more information or to purchase artwork, contact the gallery director Matt Kennedy at info@laluzdejesus.com or (323)666-7667.



True West, Soon Enough

 So here's a new sculpture I made, "Soon Enough".
 The base is all gold-leafed. It's fancy.

 On a completely different note, here is a poster I made for my dear friend Margaret's theatre company, Baby Crow Productions. This was a fun break from what I've been doing lately. As well as the lovely ladies I drew, I also drew out all the words for the poster, which I don't get to do often, but really enjoy. You can help them out by donating to their IndieGoGo program, here, which will help get their show off the ground!

Also, Thanks again to everyone who came out to the show at La Luz de Jesus Gallery, and to all the fantastic people who purchased artwork! There are still pieces available, check them out here, and contact the gallery director Matt Kennedy at (323) 666-7667 or info@laluzdejesus.com

And soon I have some really exciting news to tell, but not juuust yet!
the end!